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I welcome you to our website.

Scholastic Year 2013/14 will mark my last full year at the helm of KSB Boys' Secondary Kirkop. During these last six years, I have always strived to ensure a quality education for all, building bridges between teachers, students and parents and embracing the outer community in the life of the school. Coherence to values of honesty and respect and a marked sense of collegiality have been instrumental in building strong relationships between all stakeholders at school. My 35 years plus career as a Teacher, Assistant Head and eventually as a Head of School I have been blessed with innumerable wonderful experiences and I do consider myself lucky to be able to end my career in an enriching environment like the one at KSB Boys' Secondary at Kirkop.

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The secret of my successful endeavour in the school stems from the fact that I have had the privilege to work in a highly positive environment where my colleagues in the Senior Management Team, all Teaching Staff, Students and Parents alike consider the school as their second home. Even at times when the going got tough, as a school we managed to find the way to move forward and keep on improving on our performance. As educators, we have always put the individual student, irrespective of his abilities, condition and orientation, at the centre of our attention without forgetting to offer the necessary guidance and support to students and parents alike. The secret of our success lies in the fact that we have managed to create a school community built on mutual respect, sharing our highs and lows and, consequently, managing to find ways and means to move forward and reach even more prosperous heights. I am convinced that the school has a bright future and I appeal to all and sundry to keep on building on solid ground. A rosy future is all yours!

I invite you to browse through our website and immerse yourself in the school's busy schedule and interesting activities. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

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