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Welcome to our website


Onboard and Engaged

One of the first impressions I got of the school when I was posted at Kirkop Secondary was a great sense of ownership that exists amongst the staff - a sense of belonging that permeates the walls of the school, that is as highly contagious as it is exciting. This feeling was confirmed in the mission statement of the school development plan - Onboard and Engaged.

Head Photo - Mr Bondin

The SMT and teaching staff is not only onboard but actively engaged in promoting a quality education for all the students entrusted with us. Our work focuses on providing a holistic education for our students. We cater for the academic curriculum, the psycho social needs and a variety of activities that complement the academic programme that foster self confidence, self worth and self esteem in our students. Our aim is to set the path for our students to achieve their full potential.

However for the school to succeed in its endeavour, it requires that its strategic partners - the parents, are also onboard and engaged. It requires their commitment, their cooperation and their active participation in the educational process of the students. The responsibility of parents towards their children's education does not stop at the school door. Parents are urged to follow the teaching and learning process taking place at school, take interest in their children's progress by looking at the diary and/or copybooks regularly, help their children manage study time at home, discuss with their children their difficulties, attend talks and meetings organised by the school and communicate with the school as often as need be.

As a new Head of school I shall strive to achieve a stronger school community built on mutual respect where parents, administrators and teaching staff work hand in hand so that the students eventually find their place in society as responsible participating adults.

I invite you to browse through our website and immerse yourself in the school's busy schedule and interesting activities. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

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Staff Photo 2014-2015


What is Design and Technology?

Credits to Mr Carmel Vella


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